Northeast Ohio Medical University Case Study

Advocacy is for everyone—especially when the stakes are high. Northeast Ohio Medical University doubled their fundraising numbers and gave their free clinic its biggest financial boost yet with GiveCampus.


of donors were newly acquired.


of dollars raised came from new donors.


increase in net dollars raised compared to annual in-person fundraiser


of gifts were generated by GiveCampus advocacy features.

The Challenge

Every year, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) involves students in fundraising for their free clinic. In 2020, the free clinic played a more critical role than ever in the local community—this year, it served its 1000th patient and the clinic took on more visits than ever as COVID-19 increased local unemployment. Meanwhile, COVID-19 also meant students couldn’t host their annual Casino Night fundraiser.

The Solution

This  campaign complemented an incredible culture of giving back at NEOMED. Students founded the free clinic in 2017, and it has been student-run ever since. The clinic has received numerous accolades for providing quality care to underserved Ohioans, and students who volunteer in the clinic are also responsible for supporting fundraising efforts.

When it comes to fundraising, NEOMED has the savvy strategy of involving students heavily—and when it comes to fundraising for a free clinic they are passionate about, even busy medical students are ready and willing to engage with the right tools.

That’s why Sanjay Jinka and his peers were eager to find another solution when COVID-19 meant they couldn’t host their annual Casino Night fundraiser. They came up with a plan to leverage GiveCampus and build a team of 40 advocates who would spread the word and make the campaign social. “A lot of my peers use social media all the time, so engaging with the campaign didn’t feel like work or school. If anything, it felt fun and like something we all wanted to do.”

"Our original idea was to use our phonathon network and just build a landing page for the campaign. But using GiveCampus added a sense of professionalism with the video, matches, challenges, and other features. It helped motivate people that weren't already familiar with the clinic to donate."

Sanjay Jinka
President of OutReach at Northeast Ohio Medical University
When an in-person event like Casino Night becomes safe again, NEOMED will probably pursue both strategies—knowing that their event was a beloved tradition, and that they can complement it with an online fundraising campaign that can get even more donors involved. Fifty of the donors to this campaign (33%) were not even in their donor database before this campaign—proving that there are people in the broader NEOMED community ready to give, when the right chance comes along.

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