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There’s nothing like a good talk show format to share more information about our newest updates! This week, GiveCampus colleagues Jacob-Clifton Albritton and Rosa Conrad connected to talk through GiveCampus’s Volunteer Management System.

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Jacob Clifton: Hey, y’all and welcome to the second episode of Innovation at GiveCampus with Jacob Clifton. I’m your host, Jacob Clifton. Today, we’re going to learn more about the GiveCampus Volunteer Management System, or as we like to call it VMS. I’ve invited Rosa Conrad, one of our partner success managers and our resident VMS guru to help us get a better understanding of the volunteer management system.

Welcome, Rosa! Thank you for joining us.

Rosa: Hi, thank you for inviting me.

Jacob Clifton: It’s truly our pleasure. So to get started, can you tell me a little bit more about GiveCampus’s  Volunteer Management System .

Rosa: Yeah, it is, it’s a really special tool. I think of all the tools at GiveCampus, it’s the one that I think really can get at the heart of the unique volunteer programs across schools across the country and in the world.

It’s got some extra customizations, but it’s just an incredibly powerful tool to do peer to peer outreach. We really make sure that your alumni base feels heard and connected to people they were at school with. They don’t always want to hear from you. So sometimes they want to hear from their peers.

And I know I’m still good friends with my besties from college. And they’re the ones who I like to hear about USC updates from. The volunteer management system was built for that reason and to really get that kind of peer-to-peer outreach done. It’s a great tool that has time efficiency, savers for staff, as well as just the full on volunteer and donor experience.

It covers a whole host of things, of problems and things we’re trying to solve for at school.

Jacob Clifton: That’s really great to hear. I am a former volunteer manager working in engagement and with reunion classes. And it just takes so much time to manage those using Excel spreadsheets and things like that.

So how does the Volunteer Management System address some of those time constraints?

Rosa: Yeah. Making sure that the big one is removing the Excel spreadsheets, right? No longer having to send those to volunteers, making sure that the data available to your volunteers, dynamically updates through files that you can send and automate, really taking that efficiency.

I think that’s the biggest one for sure, as well as just being able to better provide your volunteers with the tools they need to do their job faster. You can send emails in a three click mass email send. There is an option to do an email template rather than having to write out each individual email, for example. So those pieces are really huge. Time-saver as both for staff and for volunteers.

Jacob Clifton: That’s really cool to hear Rosa. And one of the things that I’m really interested about is the platform being customized for each school. I know sometimes you are put in restraints with what the platform offers. And so how does that work with the GiveCampus solution?

Rosa: The VMS is the most customizable of all our tools. And that is because each volunteer program is a little bit different. There is certainly a set of information that’s required such as very basic information. We work together in an onboarding process basically to say “are we doing reunion giving? Do we need to look at a customized reunion year?”

Or are we looking at a class secretary program, someone who just is doing outreach to get information for the alumni newsletter, for example. Maybe that person doesn’t need gift information. But also it’s very well built for a class agent kind of fundraising model as well. And so really the onboarding portion really goes into what is your volunteer program look like. What is the use case? And we make sure that within that onboarding process, we customize all of the different tools, everything available within the VMS, based on each individual volunteer role and men program.

Jacob Clifton: That’s a really great to hear and I love that. You’re able to cater it to my specific needs and different types of volunteers. And that was probably really awesome for schools that have multiple types of volunteers to be able to go in and customize that for each of their different constituents.

Rosa: Even different volunteers within a program. You could have a reunion pillar and you have a class agent pillar and you have a class secretary pillar, right? One person could be in all of those roles. And they could be in all of those at one given time, or just fall into one, but this one system can cover each of those different, unique paths a volunteer would fall into.

Jacob Clifton: And it seems like that’s something that’s unique with the GiveCampus solution. What are some other standout features of the Volunteer Management System?

Rosa: I love this question. I’m most excited about our recent update around email deliverability. I can see that me as a volunteer Rosa, I got a 75% open rate for the emails that I sent to my people that I was assigned to, or even a specific email template had a better open rate than one of these others.

You also get basic data to help clean up your database. “Is this email no longer good? Did it bounce? How do we get that information?” So all of the data that you have internally and that the volunteers have access to is up to date. I am really excited about that one. Also really excited about a new feature that is a connection between our fundraising tools in the VMS.  It’s called pending gift notifications. It’s an opportunity for any person that makes a donation on one of our fundraising tools, their email address matches one that’s in the VMS and that person’s assigned that volunteer is going to get a notification that says, Hey, on giving day, Jacob Clifton already made a gift, go in and say, thank you. How powerful of a stewardship opportunity is that! Similarly, maybe I have 10 other people to focus on for the rest of the fiscal year. So I’m going to focus my time and energy on those because I know Jacob Clifton already made a gift. So that’s one I’m really, really excited about.

Then there is cohort builder, really just a way to slice and dice the kind of constituent data. Find groups of people who have kind of similarities that are not just their class year. We know that, especially among the young alums of today, don’t always just associate with their class year. For me, it was the student organization I was a part of, and the job that I had when I was on campus. I relate much more to those than I do anyone I graduated with. So thinking about that cohorts is a great way to do that. And it doesn’t require an engineering degree in order to slice and dice reformation.

So those are three of the big kind of standout features that I really love in the system.

Jacob Clifton: If someone wants to learn more about VMS, and they’re ready to sign up now or they are a current partner, how can people learn more about this?

Rosa: Such a good question. You know, especially for our current partners, I would do a couple of things. Look at GiveCampus university. There’s a whole section on the volunteer management system. And as an existing partner, even with other tools, you still have access to that. So lots of good information there. Similarly, attend any of our events. There’s also a GiveCampus partners community online already. Reach out to some other schools that use the VMS and get their feedback.

And then of course, the person you already work with, whoever your partner success manager is. If  you are not a partner yet, we hope you will be. Definitely going to and reaching out to our team for a demo. They are excited to help you out!

Jacob Clifton: That’s awesome, Rosa! I can already tell people are on the computers right now, trying to contact them to get onboarded with this awesome system. So, Rosa, I really thank you for joining me today. I’ve learned a lot about our Volunteer Management System. I know everyone watching has as well, so I hope you’ll join us again sometime soon.

Rosa: Anytime! I am here!

Jacob Clifton: Thank you all for joining me for the second episode of Innovation at GiveCampus. We’ll be back soon with more exciting updates from GiveCampus.  Until then, continue to reach and inspire your community, making the world a better place, one donor at a time. I am Jacob Clifton. Bye y’all.

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