Professional development opportunities for advancement teams.

Since GiveCampus started in 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of schools engage hundreds of thousands of donors to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Needless to say, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Knowledge sharing is a core component of our approach to Partner Success. Celebrating and supporting learning doesn’t just help our Partner institutions reach their goals, it also brings our community together.

Stay tuned for more professional development opportunities throughout the year, including exclusive events and resources for our partners as well as opportunities open to the public. 

Are you registered for our first ever Giving Day Boot Camp?

Set the right goal and bring in the right people.

You’ll get access to insights based on behavioral science on setting the right goals, learn what stakeholders you’ll want to get involved (including advice from schools who have done this really well), and mobilizing your advocates and volunteers effectively.

Get your communications plan ready for lift off.

Successful campaigns have incredibly thoughtful marketing and communications plans. We’ll have experts on this share insights about the channels and strategies that will generate the right buzz before, during, and after your Giving Day.

Define your post-campaign strategy.

When your Giving Day ends, the stewardship, reporting, and debriefing begins. We've got you covered with advice on how to streamline operations and learn from your success.

Put your plan in motion.

Expect opportunities for collaboration and interaction during the Boot Camp. Plus, everyone will leave with take-home resources and guides and an invite to schedule a one-on-one strategy consultation with our team to debrief what you learn in the Boot Camp.