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Reach, engage, and mobilize

GiveCampus provides nonprofit educational institutions with the modern fundraising solutions they need to reach, engage, and mobilize their communities.

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Read rave reviews from real GiveCampus users

“Great Product, Great People”

I appreciate how easy it is to program a new campaign. When I get stuck, there are helpful tutorials to walk through the process. My contact at GiveCampus is also really helpful and kind. We needed a crowdfunding platform and GiveCampus was our choice. We have never regretted it.

Marilyn S.

“… a fantastic tool for Giving Day”

First of all, the support team is amazing. I really like the ability to engage advocates and set up matches / challenges, as well as multiple campaign tiers. The reporting is easy and creates less headache on the back-end when we enter the gifts into our database. It’s also great that you can upload offline gifts that don’t eat into your subscription total … It’s the perfect solution to creating a community-wide day of giving with a platform that is easy, inuitive for users, and interactive.

Lauren C.

“I’m in the system on nearly a daily basis”

GiveCampus is a user-friendly platform and the interface is intuitive. It makes it easy for me as a volunteer manager to work with over one hundred volunteers, and I’m in the system on nearly a daily basis. My volunteers love how easy GiveCampus is to use. They especially like the notifications they receive when someone in their group makes a donation. They are able to thank the donor almost immediately. The features that GiveCampus offers are useful and the platform definitely makes donor engagement efficient and, at the same time, meaningful and personal. The ease of integration with our database is part of what makes it so powerful.

Davonna A.

“Incredible experience for donors and as a customer!”

When we first came on with GC, our old, outdated credit card processor had cut us off due to security problems they were facing and not able to solve. The switch to GC not only provided us with the ability to brand our giving forms the way that we wanted to, but also created a much more pleasant experience for both donors and for financial staff in terms of reporting.

Colin D.

“A modern & flexible giving form platform”

[GiveCampus provides] a modern, sleek, frictionless giving experience for our donors. Our parents are getting younger and younger and have high expectations for a donation experience. Also, it allows us to accept ACN and digital wallets, which is huge.

Heather W.

“Has saved our staff a ton of time …”

The volunteer management system is a game-changer in being able to manage hundreds of volunteers for big fundriasing campaigns! The Giving Forms make it so easy to customize and meet donors where they are! Has saved our staff a ton of time with logisitics and outreach. The trainings and webinars are very useful too!

Anonymous G2 Verified User

Browse our growing suite of popular fundraising solutions

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Everyday Online Giving

Make the online giving process easier and the overall donor experience more delightful with frictionless giving forms optimized to drive conversions.

Calendar with a heart on it

Giving Days & Crowdfunding

Leverage the power of peer-to-peer to create meaningful connections with supporters and drive engagement across a wide array of donor segments.

Calendar with a star on it

Events & In-Person Giving

Set the stage for a successful event with a streamlined registration and ticketing experience and easy ways for attendees to make gifts both in-person and online.

Gift box

Leadership and Major Giving

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your gift officers and their managers.

Icon of stacked coins

Wealth Data & Insights

Identify and engage alumni with significant giving capacity to feed your major gifts pipeline.

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Volunteer Management

Make it easier for class agents and volunteers to do the work you want them to do by putting the right data and easy-to-use advocacy tools at their fingertips.

Icon of two text message bubbles

Texting, Video & Email

Engage constituents more effectively at every stage of the donor journey using the communication channels they prefer.

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Mobile Wallets & Crypto

Make it easy for donors to give by accepting their preferred way to pay.

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