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Case winners
CASE 2020 Educational Fundraising Award Winners: Congratulations!
AWARD WINNERS Congratulations, 2020 CASE Award Winners! 30 GiveCampus partner schools...
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3 Reasons to Incorporate Social Media Feeds in Your Campaigns
Incorporating social media feeds into your campaign can make the giving...
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5 Easy Ways to Use Spotlight in June
BEST PRACTICES 5 Easy Ways to Use Spotlight in June This...
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10 Tips for Fiscal Year End Fundraising
This June, we’re focused on supporting schools in this final stretch...
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Multi-Channel Marketing: A Roadmap
Think of your school’s online fundraising page as the ultimate destination....
Four Questions to Ask Before Your Giving Day
What is the primary goal of the day? How will you...
Best Practices for Goal Setting
Choosing a goal is likely one of the first items to...

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