Advancing the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education since 2014.

GiveCampus exclusively serves nonprofit educational institutions—and that means more value for you. We’ve built our platform and designed our Partner Success program  to address the goals, challenges, and  processes that are unique to educational advancement.

By helping schools overcome their biggest fundraising challenges—from encouraging participation from young alumni and building long-term relationships with donors to unlocking the value of peer-to-peer outreach—we can achieve our mission today and long into the future.


in charitable giving to nonprofit educational institutions


independent schools, colleges, and universities in our partner community


of gifts come from new, reactivated, or upgraded donors


of gifts are directly attributable to our peer-to-peer features

Our values

Lead with curiosity and empathy.

We approach each problem, each task, and each interaction with an open mind and without judgment.

Lift up those around you.

We celebrate successes together, navigate challenges together, and never miss a chance to laugh together.

Be part of the solution.

We relish the opportunity to take initiative and make an impact. Nothing is someone else’s problem.

Take the long view.

We never lose sight of our ultimate vision while still unlocking near-term growth.

Do less, better.

We believe in putting more wood behind fewer arrows and staying consciously disciplined about how we spend our time and energy.

Dare mighty things.

We believe that innovation and step-changes emerge from work performed in the service of difficult and ambitious goals.

Make something people want.

We prioritize solving burning problems and satisfying vital needs. If we don’t, nothing else will matter.

Talk—and listen—to your users.

We cultivate tight feedback loops with our partners and iterate like crazy based on what we learn.

Do things that don’t scale.

We aim to be “insanely great” and believe that the insights necessary for this often come from doing things by hand.