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Online giving solutions to engage students and young alumni

Create tailored fundraising initiatives for this high-potential donor segment with the help of GiveCampus. When it comes to engaging students and young alumni, meeting donors where they’re at is key. The GiveCampus platform helps you create mobile-first giving forms, develop social-media-friendly campaigns, and offer convenient digital payment options like Venmo and Apple Pay.

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Young Alumni and Student Giving Campaigns


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5 Ways to Engage Young Alumni ebook thumbnail. GUIDES

5 Ways to Engage Young Alumni

New research on Gen Z attitudes toward charitable giving provide a path forward for schools looking to engage this passionate and deeply philanthropic donor segment. Download our eBook to get started.

Hand of man typing text on mobile smartphone. BLOG

Fundraising Text Message Examples

Texting is easy to personalize, segment, and scale—and surprisingly cost-effective, too. Plus, the open and read rates blow other channels out of the water. Explore these fundraising best practices.

Future of Fundraising Webinar title card. WEBINAR

Accelerating the Future of Fundraising

In this 60-minute keynote session, GiveCampus Co-Founder and CEO Kestrel Linder makes a compelling case for why today’s fundraisers should view everything they do through the lends of retention.