PayPal is available on GiveCampus!

GiveCampus is developing a first-of-its-kind integration with PayPal that makes it easier to take advantage of this popular payment method. 

The PayPal wallet is used by 9 in 10 U.S. consumers, including tens of millions of people between the ages of 18 and 34.

To get started, schedule a call with our team. The PayPal integration is available on our Social Fundraising Platform and our Giving Forms, so learning more about those products is a great first step. Another bonus? Purchasing PayPal today means you’ll automatically get our new Venmo integration added when it’s ready.


What makes PayPal on GiveCampus special?

GiveCampus has a direct partnership with PayPal to develop a first-of-its kind integration that addresses all of the data collection, reporting,  and accounting requirements schools have. 

PayPal on GiveCampus
  • Donors give seamlessly through your school's Social Fundraising campaigns and Giving Forms—not through a separate process, away from the action
  • Donors are making a donation to your school—not a payment to an individual or a third party vendor they've never heard of
  • Donors receive the same automated tax receipts and gift confirmations as with other gifts—a straightforward, official gift confirmation process
  • 100% of funds are deposited into your school's bank account—not into a middleman account owned by a vendor or an individual
  • You get seamless reporting with the same level of detail as other gifts—no manual reporting and reconciliation, and no struggling to match PayPal usernames to other donor details

The flexibility your donors want, the details you need.

Donor Centric

Give your supporters the flexible, on-the-go giving experience they've been waiting for.


Our first-of-its-kind PayPal integration works seamlessly with the Social Fundraising Platform and Giving Forms.


Collect the reporting information you need—with zero limitations—for gifts made with PayPal.


See ROI in real time with handy tools for tracking donors' preferred payment methods.