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Meet GC Gift Officer

Introducing the only platform built by—and expressly for—frontline fundraisers and their managers. GC Gift Officer not only streamlines routine workflows, it leverages artificial intelligence to automate tedious administrative tasks, surface key insights, and recommend strategic next steps.

Composite of GC Gift Officer screen from user interface.
Mobile phone displaying GC Gift Officer user interface. Includes a contact report, follow-up tasks, and an inset Email Prospects screen.

Streamline workflows

Now major gift officers on the go can easily conduct donor outreach, log contact reports, track tasks, send follow-ups, plan visits, and manage solicitations—all right from their smartphone—anywhere, anytime.

Discover how to log contact reports in minutes

Save time

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, error-prone mail merges, system hopping, and other tedious admin tasks that siphon precious time from more critical major gift officer work—like cultivating meaningful donor relationships.

Walk-through trip planning with GC GO

GC Gift Officer user interface Trip Planning module.
GC Gift Officer user interface. Illustration shows how the software uses artificial intelligence to generate donor summaries based on data pulled from the CRM and past contact reports.

Work smarter

GC Gift Officer automatically surfaces recommended tasks based on prospect activity. No more manually sifting through follow-up cadences or foraging for insights in gift reports and wealth alerts.

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Manage your team better

GC Gift Officer seamlessly syncs with your CRM to provide access to all the information frontline fundraisers need in one central workspace. Intuitive dashboards and task management tools provide real-time visibility into pipeline health, opportunities at risk, and progress toward goals.

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GC Gift Officer user interface displaying the manager dashboard.

One easy-to-navigate solution does it all

GC Gift Officer includes modules for the most common and mission-critical workflows that frontline fundraisers and their managers execute day in and day out.

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Advanced donor bios

Get instant, AI-generated summaries of each constituent compiled from previous contact reports and data in your CRM.


Trip planning

Easily search prospects by geolocation, track tentative and confirmed visits, and share your itinerary with colleagues.

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Prospect outreach

Contact donors right from GC Gift Officer—and generate first draft outreach in seconds courtesy of native AI.

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AI-powered contact reports

Instantly transform raw notes into polished reports—right from your phone—plus get recommended next steps and more.

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Real-time reporting dashboard

Access everything you need from one central hub, including real-time metrics, task summaries, upcoming trips, and more.


Smart cadences

Automatically generate relevant segments and tee up a sequence of communications aimed to drive visits and gifts.

Managing major donor portfolios and teams just got a whole lot easier

Discover how GC Gift Officer can help you and your team get much more accomplished in far less time, so everyone can focus on what they do best: cultivating donor relationships.

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Discover why Gift Officers on the go love Contact Reports AI

Now you can transform raw notes into polished reports in a matter of seconds—right from your phone—all with a single click. Join the waitlist now to get FREE access to Contact Reports AI.

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Businessman in Uber using Contact Reports AI

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