Team Category: Engineering & Product

Carl Weis

Carl has over 15 years of experience building large scale applications, payment systems, game programming, and loves UI/UX design.

Fun fact: Carl first started coding when he was 11– and hasn’t stopped since.

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Amy Jacobs

Amy previously served as the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Lynchburg College.

Fun fact: Amy is an avid equestrian.

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Matt Gruber

Matt studied computer engineering and information systems at Carnegie Mellon.

Fun Fact: Matt is a proud Eagle Scout.

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Jacob Comer

Jacob started going to college at 16, and has spent the majority of his career working in higher education.

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Jackie Lee

Jackie has several years of experience in law and technology. She still gets amazed at what technology can do for us.

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Michael McCabe

Michael is an application & cloud security engineer who has built out security programs for large enterprise financial & healthcare companies

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Pete Hanner

Pete is a proud UVA alum who somehow seems to get drawn back to working in the education world no matter what, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Fun fact:  Pete underwent reconstructive ACL surgery after an injury sustained during a Quidditch match in college.

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May Miller-Ricci

May’s original background was in education before falling in love with coding, and she has now been working as a web developer for 6 years.

Fun fact: May taught abroad in the Marshall Islands and Costa Rica.

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Simon Gigli

Simon got hooked on coding after studying math and languages. He enjoys  collaborating on and building impactful software.

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