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5 Things that Set the GiveCampus Volunteer Management System Apart

May 2021 - READ IN 3 MINUTES

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It is no secret that peer-to-peer outreach is the most effective way to increase constituent engagement and raise more money. However, facilitating a volunteer program can be cumbersome—from exporting data from your database into a spreadsheet, to removing sensitive information and splitting up the list for volunteers. Not to mention, the time it will take to make assignments and track who is doing what. This manual process takes away from what you should actually be doing—managing and empowering your volunteers. And we cannot forget that if we don’t make it easy for our constituents, they won’t do the work. GiveCampus saw this challenge and knew that the right tools could make things better. The solution: the GiveCampus Volunteer Management System. We built the GiveCampus Volunteer Management System (VMS) from the ground up to support educational fundraisers, and did so in a way that allows YOU to use the configuration that best fits your needs. Here are the top 5 reasons why our solution is the best: 


  1. It’s configurable for your school. Configure roles based on how your class agent or volunteer program works. It even works for engagement volunteers — like alumni involved in reunion or class notes. Other solutions require you fit your volunteer program into the tech, which takes away from you owning the strategy for your program. 
  2. Volunteers can log in with email or Facebook. Volunteers actually use it because it’s easy to log in and get started from their phone or desktop. (Just one reason why volunteers sent an average of 102 emails each last year.) Other systems require volunteers to download an app or manage a separate password (besides just relying on Facebook). Our VMS makes it easy and fun for volunteers to do their work. 
  3. Volunteers send emails (including pre-written templates!) directly from the system. Other Volunteer solutions require volunteers to copy and paste into their own email – which is cumbersome and allows no reporting for the school. Some don’t even allow you to store templates within their system, meaning volunteers have to go to another place just to find templates. With the GiveCampus VMS, volunteers can send hundreds of personalized emails in minutes with just 3 clicks. 
  4. Administrators don’t have to supplement with any spreadsheets. All the information about classmates and giving history is right in the VMS. You are able to control what type of information each volunteer group gets to see. Our VMS supports both giving and engagement programs, allowing you to build out a highly customizable program that fits the needs of your school. 
  5. Real-time gift notifications for volunteers. If the school is also using GiveCampus’s Giving Forms or Social Fundraising Platform, volunteers can know in real time if their outreach is working, making stewardship easier and allowing volunteers to thank their donors as each gift is coming in. Again, all through the GiveCampus VMS platform. 

As with all of our products, you will also have a dedicated expert to help you set up the VMS platform and help you with strategy, execution, and making adjustments as needed. At GiveCampus, we want you to focus on the work you love to do. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can do what is important—managing your volunteers! To learn more about our VMS platform, click here to schedule an intro call with our team!

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