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GiveCampus Now Offers a Direct Integration with Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT

Jun 2024 - READ IN 5 MINUTES

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GiveCampus, an official Blackbaud ISV partner, is excited to announce a direct integration with Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT to support the data synchronization of key workflows handled by advancement services teams. Over the course of this year, we’ll be developing a full, bi-directional integration across our platform solutions including online giving, events, and volunteer management, starting with gift processing.

What You Can Expect First from the RE NXT Integration

Phase 1 of this integration will focus on streamlining manual gift entry and improving the match quality of donors to constituents so advancement services teams can spend less time manipulating .csv files and/or manually recording gifts in their CRM. 

While gift processing is a critical part of the advancement services team’s role, the easier and more seamless gift processing is, the more time teams can dedicate to more nuanced work—like analyzing donor trends and sourcing valuable data for segmented appeals. 

One of our GiveCampus core values is to talk and listen to our users. GiveCampus Partner schools using Raiser’s Edge or RE NXT told us they needed an easier way to get gift data into their CRM. We listened, and our Product and Engineering teams worked with a cohort of schools to build a direct integration with Raiser’s Edge databases. 

This solution effectively eliminates the burden of manual gift entry for institutions that don’t have the resources to build their own custom workflows and integrations. As a Blackbaud ISV partner, GiveCampus is dedicated to improving and streamlining the data sync experience for users of our platform. Learn more about how this new integration works and how it can make life easier for your advancement services team below.

How our Integration with Raiser’s Edge Works 

The RE NXT integration addresses common data-syncing pain points with the following capabilities: 

Seamlessly matches gifts directly in the GiveCampus platform

Using constituent data automatically imported from RE NXT, the GiveCampus platform attempts to match any gift made to the relevant constituent record in your database and flags any gift that may require review. Constituent data, including constituent IDs, names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, are continually updated to reflect the information in your CRM. 

Imports key constituent data from NXT to improve gift matching accuracy

Effortlessly match online donations with CRM records by automatically populating constituent data such as ID, name, and email into GiveCampus. Reduce manual search time in NXT and ensure gifts are accurately associated with constituents in your CRM.

Automatically imports online donations from GiveCampus into Raiser’s Edge on a daily basis

The integration sets up an automatic daily batch import of all gifts made online in the GiveCampus platform into your RE NXT database. This includes both one-time gifts and recurring donations. We’ve designed our integration to utilize the existing workflow in the batch import—so you and your team can continue to work the way you’ve always worked.

Allows you to update incomplete gift data in GiveCampus

If any gifts made on GiveCampus can’t be matched to a fund or constituent, users receive an email notification for the gifts that need review. Users then have the ability to manually update incomplete gift data before retrying a batch import into RE NXT.  

Upcoming Integration Enhancements 

In addition to the capabilities outlined above, our team is committed to extending data synchronization capabilities between RE NXT and the GiveCampus platform. Throughout the year, we will continue to roll out enhancements to support key events-related data—such as registration status and ticket sales—from GC Events to RE NXT. Additionally, the integration will soon allow for automatic updates of constituent record data in RE NXT based on donor information received in GiveCampus. For example, if a donor enters a new preferred email address in GC Giving Forms, that information will be compared to their current constituent record in RE NXT and updated if necessary. Stay tuned or reach out to our team for the latest updates surrounding our RE NXT integration. 

Learn More About Our RE/NXT Integration 

Gone are the days when your only options were to jerry-rig a less-than-ideal data sync solution or drown in the slog of manual gift processing. GiveCampus is proud to deliver a seamless bi-directional integration for gift processing. It’s now easier than ever to move all of your online giving over to GiveCampus—from customized Giving Forms to the “Give Now” button on your institution’s website. 

If you’re not currently a part of the GiveCampus community but want to learn more, we encourage you to speak with one of our fundraising experts. 

Talk to a Fundraising Expert About our RE NXT Integration