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Next Level Social Fundraising: How Live Feeds Can Boost Your Campaign

Jun 2020 - READ IN 2 MINUTES

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We build products that help schools fundraise online—and a critical component of that work is helping schools build strong relationships with donors. A digital fundraising campaign is more than a place to capture gifts—it’s a place to build community and help donors feel the impact of their gift.

Our Social Fundraising Platform makes it easy to launch, run, and monitor a fundraising campaign for your school—including space to add in a live social media feed using an aggregator. Broadly speaking, incorporating social media feeds into your campaign can make the giving experience more rewarding for your audience.

1. Elevate new voices.

The Social Fundraising Platform builds in multiple places to show off the diversity of your community—our focus on advocacy means your donors can set up matches and challenges, create personal videos, and track how many clicks, gifts, and dollars they are generating through their efforts.

On top of that, a social feed can not only showcase the social media posts your advocates are sharing, but also incorporate the voices of other stakeholders in your community. We’ve seen great examples of parent participation, staff voices, and teacher engagement on social media feeds, all of which help bring a school to life.

BJUG Giving Day 2019
Mars Hill University

2. Add immediacy to your campaign.

One of the principles we used to design the Social Fundraising Platform was that limited-time campaigns with deadlines can drive educational communities to take action more effectively. Showcasing real-time content from your social media platform drives additional urgency by highlighting how many community members are engaging that hour, day, or week.

3. Grow your social media following.

During a Giving Day or extended campaign, a social feed can provide a great reminder that your social channels exist and are worth following! Particularly for K-12 schools and smaller institutions, more followers can help keep your alumni, parents, and other friends of the school better informed year-round about how the school is carrying out its mission. The more in-the-loop your donors are, the easier it will be for them to understand how their gift supports your school’s impact.

Bonus: Want to make some GIFs to make your social media feed more engaging? Check out our step-by-step guide in GiveCampus University (available only for current GiveCampus partners with a log-in). Partners can also learn more about the steps to set up social feeds in our new campaign design here.

Want to demo the Social Fundraising Platform (or any of our other products) today? Just let us know!

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