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Congratulations to the First Round of GiveCampus Social Mobility Initiative Award Recipients

Aug 2020 - READ MORE

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In June, we launched The GiveCampus Social Mobility Initiative to lift up campaigns and programs that provide targeted support to low-income students, first-generation students, and underrepresented minorities. We committed $1 million in free fundraising support to nonprofit educational institutions to make that happen, and we’re thrilled to announce the first round of award recipients.

Congratulations to these schools from our entire team! We couldn’t be prouder of their diversity and dedication, and we know they’ll inspire other schools to follow their lead.

Mohawk Valley Community College 

Mohawk Valley Community College’s College-Community Connection program is an on-campus, wraparound support center that helps low-income students stay in school and complete their degrees by covering a range of important needs—from bus passes and school supplies to legal services, child care, and food costs.

Phillips Academy Andover

The Andover Challenge for Equity & Inclusion is a special opportunity that provides a dollar-for-dollar match on gifts that extend the school’s commitment to racial justice and a more equitable and inclusive community.

Bishop McNamara High School

The Middleton Scholars Program at Bishop McNamara High School provides guidance, mentorship, and generous financial aid specifically for low-income students, with a focus on recruiting and retaining students from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College’s Future Connect program serves 1,000 low-income and first-generation students each year, and 81% of the participants are students of color. PCC will be fundraising for scholarships, emergency grants, and mentorship to support students in this program.

La Reina High School & Middle School

La Reina High School and Middle School, the only all-girls school in the Conejo Valley region, is fundraising for a dedicated tuition assistance fund to support low-income and first-generation students, with an accompanying goal of recruiting more minority students in the coming years.

Oglethorpe University

Oglethorpe has a particularly strong track record of supporting first-generation students (who make up 30% of their student population). The Schall/Londergan First-Generation Student Fund is a dedicated effort to providing extra support to students who are at greater risk of dropping out because of financial hardship.

Bates College

As part of their ongoing commitment to antiracism and supporting professional opportunities for students who need summer funding, Bates’s Center for Purposeful Work is empowering students to seek internships related to racial equity work.

Randolph College

Randolph College is growing their Annual Fund for First-Generation Students, an area of greatest need that the College added in 2019. The fund will provide both financial aid and academic support services to first-generation students.

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College Foundation

The Charger Dream Fund at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College Foundation provides individualized support to economically disadvantaged students to help them complete their degree, including fuel assistance, day care, clothing, payment for unexpected bills, and other critical resources.

Social Mobility Initiative Update: As of December 31, 2022, GiveCampus has awarded more than $1,000,000 in free fundraising support to some 24 non-profit educational institutions. We are no longer accepting applications for this initiative.

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