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Who is Staffing the Support Inbox

May 2021 - READ IN 2 MINUTES

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Do you ever reach out to support teams and wonder, who is actually answering my questions? Or, is support outsourced to a different company or answered by a bot? With GiveCampus, you need not wonder nor worry, because our expert fundraisers are staffing our support inbox. Collectively, our team boasts more than 150 years of fundraising experience at institutions such as Stanford, Emory, Marquette, UVA, Columbia, San Francisco State University, University of Hartford, and Virginia Commonwealth University—to name a few. When our partner schools ask for help, the whole team is ready to help you find a solution.

Here are some amazing stats and facts about our team: 

  • 13 minutes is the average response time from [email protected]
  • On major Giving Days, that response time drops down to 9 minutes.
  • On GivingTuesday 2022—the noisiest Giving Day of the year—our average response time was a record 5 minutes.
  • Not only do you receive help from our dedicated Partner Operations team, but also from the entire Partner Success team, and our hands-on Engineering team (all of our engineers know what a LYBUNT is—a fact we’re pretty proud of)
  • On your Giving Days, often your Partner Success Lead will be staffing the inbox to provide you white-glove support in a matter of minutes
  • Whoever is monitoring the support inbox, the entire GiveCampus team is ready to offer help and guidance to ensure quick response times. That goes for technical questions and strategy questions, too. 

When you partner with GiveCampus, you get so much more than just a product—you get invaluable support from a team that really wants to see you and your school succeed. Every one of us is passionate about educational fundraising and wants to help you fulfill your mission. Think of us as an extension of your team. We are ready to help you with strategy, provide best practices backed by data, offer templates for your campaigns, assist in getting your campaign up and running, and serve as a trusted advisor to be there when you need it most. This is the work that inspires everyone here! So if you are a current partner, be sure to take full advantage of our Partner Success Program to level up your fundraising plans. And if you are a future partner who wants to learn more about partnering with GiveCampus, schedule an intro call with our team. We look forward to seeing all of you in our inbox soon! 

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