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6 Reasons GiveCampus’s PayPal and Venmo Integration is #1 for Educational Fundraising

Mar 2021 - READ IN 2 MINUTES

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You have probably already heard, but in case you didn’t—Venmo is officially live for any current or future partner schools that want it! We thought it was important to tell you how and why GiveCampus’s integration rises to the top of other solutions out there. First, GiveCampus is the only platform that has a direct partnership with PayPal, the parent company for Venmo. That means we’ve been able to work directly with PayPal and Venmo to design a seamless, effective integration that is already the preferred payment method for 23% of donors so far. Let us break down other key differentiators:

  • With GiveCampus, PayPal and Venmo are integrated seamlessly within the normal donor experience as payment options they can select. With other vendors, Venmo donors might have to follow a different process from other donors, detracting from the community experience.
  • With our integration, your school’s name appears in Venmo feeds with each gift. This means that people connected to the donor can see that their friend recently donated, encouraging peer-to-peer giving. With other vendors, their names will appear in the Venmo feed, not yours. This also erodes the donor’s trust. They do not have a connection with the vendor but with your school.
  • With GiveCampus, your donor automatically receives an automated tax receipt and gift confirmation. Other vendors do not automatically send tax receipts and gift confirmations, meaning an extra step for your staff members and taking time away from their essential work. (Or donors who don’t get receipts at all, and don’t feel like they made an official gift that counts.)
  • 100% of funds are deposited straight into your school’s bank account. Full stop. When using other vendors, funds raised pass through the vendor’s bank account first. Would your donors want to know that their donation has to go through a third party first before being sent to their school? We think not!
  • Seamless reporting with the same level of details as other online gifts. With other vendors, Venmo and PayPal gifts require manual reporting, and you are limited to the donor’s Venmo username, again adding more work for staff and running the risk of not being able to match donors in your database.
  • You don’t need to switch payment processors or do anything other than use GiveCampus. With some other vendors, you are required to use a specific payment processor that may not be the one you already use, causing reconciliation to become that much more difficult.

To us, the choice is clear! The GiveCampus Venmo solution is the leading option for educational fundraising—because it’s the only one built from the ground up for Advancement teams. Still not convinced or want to see the integration live? Click the link below to schedule a demo with our team. We are excited to show you what sets us apart from the rest.

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