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Payment processing, simplified

GiveCampus offers competitive rates and a single place to manage transactions, refunds, and receipts for all forms of payment. Plus, you can access friendly human support whenever you need it.

100% of donations go directly to your institution

Connected account agreements allow schools to act as the merchant of record and accept gifts directly rather than relying on a third party to accept and distribute gifts on their behalf.

Enjoy an all-inclusive, non-variable rate with no hidden fees

Pass-through payment processing fees are billed at a competitive per-transaction rate, eliminating added costs for managing a payment gateway, merchant services, transfer payouts, and more.

Reduce the cost of payment processing for your school

Flexible payment plans, exclusive discounts, and optional donor-covered fees help offset the cost of payment processing and maximize net funds raised.

Pay as you go

Pay processing fees as you go at a competitive per-transaction rate that’s billed monthly.

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Plan ahead and save

Unlock discounts of up to 12.5% by making payment processing fees up front, based on how much you plan to raise.

Let donors cover fees

Give donors the option to add the cost of payment processing to their gift.

A PCI-compliant way to accept every payment method under the sun

Integrations with Stripe, Paypal, Venmo, Google, and Apple Pay allow schools to accept digital wallets, international and premium card brands, bank transfers—and even in-person payments.

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Digital wallets

Empower donors to pay with Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay from their mobile device or desktop.

Credit, debit, and bank transfer

Accept global credit, debit, and ACH transfers, including premium card brands.

In-person payments

Collect gifts on the go with our PCI-compliant card reader that seamlessly connects in-person gift data to GiveCampus.

Offline Gifts

Add offline gifts made by check and cash to your online matches, challenges, leaderboards, and campaign totals.

Make it easy and convenient for donors to give

Save donors time and hassle with integrated payment processing that steamlines the giving experience.

One-click giving

Stop asking repeat donors for data they’ve already provided and pre-populate donation forms to enable one-click giving.

Saved payment information

Reward donor loyalty with a secure way to store payment information so their next gift is even easier to make.

Recurring gift management

Encourage recurring giving by making it easy for donors to upgrade and make changes to recurring gifts.

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Auto-card updater

Update expired cards automatically and continue processing recurring gifts—without intervention from you or your donor.

Ensure smooth gift processing and easy reconciliation

Keep your systems in sync with a seamless CRM integration that makes timely gift processing a breeze for your business office.

Custom automated reporting by deposit and date range

Send exactly the gift data you need, exactly where you need it, as often as you like.

CRM integrations

Sync gift data to your CRM automatically in real-time with one of our API-based connectors.

Receipts and refunds

Initiate and track refunds and send a custom gift acknowledgement and tax receipt—automatically—for every donation.

Precise and accurate accounting

Get real-time access to transaction reporting, with a separate accounting of gifts made toward payment processing.

Streamlined Payment Processing with GiveCampus

Safe and reliable payment processing is essential to establishing and maintaining donor trust. Learn how GiveCampus safeguards donor data and makes gift processing easy, convenient, and seamless.

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