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Finally, an online giving platform that’s secure, reliable, and scalable

GiveCampus is built on modern technology designed to keep sensitive donor data safe and to support record-breaking giving days—every day.

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Security graphic depicting AICPA SOC logo, PCI-DSS logo, and AWS cloud.

Trust GiveCampus to power all of your critical fundraising initiatives

You can’t afford to have your fundraising platform go down on the busiest giving day of the year, or any day for that matter. Insist upon a stable platform, that’s SOC-2 certified and PCI-complaint.

Security and privacy

Our technology and data handling practices exceed industry standards and are audited regularly to ensure we continue to proactively manage risk.

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SSO and Multi-Factor Authentication

Decrease vulnerability and promote strong enterprise security.

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Data encryption

Transport Layer Security and at-rest data encryption protect sensitive data—when it’s in transit and when it’s stored.

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Secure physical storage

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), our physical infrastructure is protected with a strong disaster recovery plan.

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Active risk management

Ongoing monitoring, software updates, and data security training help us keep your data safe.

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Donor Privacy

We never share confidential or personally identifiable data. A link to our privacy policy is in the website footer.

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Fraud protection

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance helps prevent fraud while ensuring legitimate donations process successfully.

Looking to switch?

GiveCampus will help cover the cost of ending your current contract early.

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