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Raise more dollars from more donors in less time and with less effort

GiveCampus has reimagined the online giving experience to streamline and supercharge everything schools do before and after a donor makes a gift.

Donor lifecycle graphic illustrating four key fundraising workflows: identify, engage, solicit, and steward.
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Read rave reviews from real GiveCampus users

“… all tailored specifically for advancement needs”

I love the number of features from giving forms, to campaigns, to texting, to events and that they are all tailored specifically for advancement needs. GiveCampus’ creative solutions have helped us streamline processes and produce better results. We use their products daily to help us meet our fundraising goals.

Sarah H.

“Fantastic User Experience with GiveCampus”

I highly value their suite of fundraising products, and especially that the donor experience is consistent across their Social Fundraising and Giving Forms products. Donation forms are user-friendly and mobile friendly, and they are easy to set up and edit when necessary. Their mobile wallet options are also a necessity as more and more donors want to give in this way.

Julia H

“GiveCampus has helped pick up the slack that our CRM can’t”

At the University of Redlands we have an outdated CRM that we are transitioning out of. But for the past two year’s GiveCampus has helped pick up the slack that our CRM can’t. They provide beautiful social fundraising campaigns, onsite fundraising options, and great giving forms.

Jessica P

“… makes the donor experience easy”

They have top-notch support, their user interfaces are intuitive and you can receive gifts via Venmo, digital wallets, etc. It makes the donor experience easy. [GiveCampus] makes the donor experience very smooth and also allows us to identify high net worth individuals in real time.

Luke G

“A Great Fundraising Tool”

We needed a secure platform for our peer-to-peer fundraisers to use where they could have access to sensitive information. We use for 4 specific outreach campaigns a year, as well as Reunion classes and GiveCampus makes outreach as easy as possible—there’s no need for us to worry about password protection or spreadsheets being shared. We can also easily track engagement outreach and who’s been sending emails, as well as what they’ve been sending.

Joanna S. L.

“…great addition to our toolkit …”

GiveCampus campaigns and giving forms help us raise more and more money each year. They are easy to use and visually appealing. Their newest GC Events feature has been a great addition to our toolkit as it has made creating event registrations simpler and easier for the end user.

Anonymous G2-Verified User

GiveCampus powers every stage of the educational fundraising cycle

Laptop with a heart on the screen

GC Giving Forms

Empower donors to make a gift in less than than a minute, from any device, with their payment method of choice—including digital wallets.

Hand holding heart

GC Social Fundraising

Leverage peer-to-peer fundraising, social media, and gamification to tap new donor networks and expand your reach.

two people overlapping

GC Volunteer Management

Say ‘so long’ to spreadsheets and endless email chains, and ‘hello’ to a smarter and more efficient way to manage your volunteer programs.

Icon showing connection or segmentation

GC Gift Officer

Boost gift officer productivity, enhance prospect engagement, streamline portfolio management, and get real-time visibility into individual and team activity.

Icon of stacked coins

GC Wealth

Super-charge your prospect research with timely, actionable insights that you can use to effectively engage, solicit, and steward high-net-worth donors.

Checkmark icon

GC Wallets

Accept mobile payments on the only fundraising platform with seamless native support for PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. You can even accept crypto.

Calendar with a star on it

GC Events

Simplify and streamline event registration and ticketing with a modern solution that automatically generates email confirmations, receipts, and more.

Play button

GC Video

Empower everyone—staff. volunteers, donors, and advocates—to drive digital engagement through personalized video storytelling.

Illustration of Smart Phone.

GC Texting

Securely send 1:1 or 1:many texts to your donor and volunteer networks using customizable templates replete with merge tokens, images, gifs, and links.

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