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Increase the productivity and efficiency of your frontline fundraisers

Gift officers spend hours every week on tasks that should take only minutes, leaving them with less time to focus on building the relationships that are so critical to their success. Not anymore.

Gift officer who just completed her contact report using Contact Reports AI by GiveCampus.

I’m excited to have a [solution] that leverages AI and gives us back our most precious gift—time—so we can do more human work like face-to-face meetings and building stronger relationships on behalf of our institution.

Peggy Cieslikowski

Executive Director of Planned, Major and Leadership Gifts at College of Charleston

I logged 12 contact reports in GiveCampus last month. The platform turned my stream-of-conscious thoughts into polished reports and drafted personalized email follow-ups to each donor for me. It saved me at least 2 hours. It was awesome.

Matthew Lambert

Senior Vice President for University Advancement at William & Mary

Equip your team with the modern conveniences they crave

We interviewed 1000+ frontline fundraisers responsible for leadership annual giving, major gifts, and principal gifts—and heard consensus across the board on what everyone needs to succeed.

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“I want a solution designed for me”

GC Gift Officer is built by—and for—frontline fundraisers, with workflows designed expressly to support MGOs, DXOs, and their managers.

Laptop with a heart on the screen

“I need all my tools in one place”

With GC Gift Officer, there’s no more toggling between reports from Advancement Services, CRM records, Outlook calendars, and ad hoc task management tools. Everything is right at your fingertips.

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“I need an administrative assistant”

GC Gift Officer leverages proprietary technology and generative AI to shave hours of administrative time off every work week, and days off every month.

GC Gift Officer user interface. Illustration shows how the software uses artificial intelligence to generate donor summaries based on data pulled from the CRM and past contact reports.

Introducing GC Gift Officer

GC Gift Officer is the product of a design partnership between GiveCampus and the teams that drive leadership and major gifts at some of the country’s top educational institutions. Leveraging industry best practices and artificial intelligence (AI), GC Gift Officer streamlines critical workflows and improves the efficiency of frontline fundraisers and their managers.

Meet your new admin

What could you accomplish with an extra month’s worth of hours?

Imagine a leadership and major gifts solution purpose built to save you hours every single week of the year on essential-but-mundane tasks like contact reports, trip planning, solicitations, and more.

Reclaim your time

Four Ways Gift Officers Are Leveraging AI

From jumpstarting your email outreach to expediting prospect visit prep, AI-powered solutions reduce repeat tasks and direct gift officer attention to where it’s better spent—building relationships.

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Gift Officer using AI-powered solution on mobile phone

The Philanthropy Forecast

What if you only solicited donors who were most likely to say yes? Read how GiveCampus is using AI to help fundraisers better understand constituents.

Explore predictive modeling

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GC Wealth

Discover how GiveCampus helps fundraising teams grow and sustain a strong major gifts program with integrated wealth screening and analytics.

Get product one-pager

GC Wealth data sheet.