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Now you can deliver an outstanding class agent and reunion volunteer experience

Class agents and reunion volunteers are your most valuable resource. Why? Constituents assigned to a volunteer are 2X more likely to give. Make it easy for them to do the work you want them to do.

Volunteer Management dashboard diplaying class agent assignments, campaign progress, and advocacy impact.
Volunteer Management dashboard diplaying class agent assignments, campaign progress, and advocacy impact.

Make it easy for volunteers to personalize outreach and share campaigns on social media

From branded email templates to custom videos, spark creativity with your volunteers to drive donor participation and support peer-to-peer advocacy.

Protect donor privacy and share constituent data securely

Show your volunteers all the information and resources they need—and nothing more.

GC Volunteer Management dashboard diplaying constituent data.
Group of professionals discussing strategy in a conference room.

Get technology that flexes and scales to meet your changing needs

Every school’s approach to volunteering is unique. Your strategy should inform how your technology works, not the other way around.

Monthly Drop-In Demo

Drop in the first Thursday of every month for a quick 30-minute walkthrough of the GiveCampus platform.

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Volunteer Management with GiveCampus

Learn more about how GiveCampus empowers your volunteers to easily engage constituents at scale by bringing constituent data and peer-to-peer outreach tools together in one centralized place.

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Smiling from Peer to Peer: Leveling up Your Advocacy

Discover how to recruit, train, and steward advocates like a pro. This 30-minute session includes recruitment and training timelines, training script ideas, sample social media posts, and more.

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Before we could even load messages into the Volunteer Management System, our volunteers were using it to send personal messages out about the emergency fund—very soon after we rolled it out, we had gifts totaling more than $100,000.

Mary Zug

Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Grinnell College

Switching is easier than you think

GiveCampus has everything you need to make a clean break—including bi-directional integrations with your CRM, event registration, and integration with your email marketing tools.

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