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The only fundraising platform built specifically for education

GiveCampus empowers fundraisers at every stage of the fundraising lifecycle, delivers the industry’s highest donor conversion rate, and provides unparalleled insight, security, and reliability.

Woman administrator talking to colleague as she builds a custom giving form on the GiveCampus platform.
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Read rave reviews from real GiveCampus users

“GiveCampus is exceptional!”

I work in a college system that would not allow the adoption of a new payment processor for legal reasons. Our online giving form was a nightmare before GiveCampus. Even our own staff would get frustrated with it and quit. Since GiveCampus processes all credit card payments and the only transaction between GiveCampus and the college is a monthly deposit into our checking account, this made it the only higher education focused online giving platform that we could adopt. I was just fortunate that it solved this problem and then turned out to be such a great platform to use and such a great company to work with.

Aimee S

“… the most ready to work beside us”

GiveCampus is helping to make fundraising more donor-centric. Their custom giving forms and social fundraising allow us to make boutique experiences for prospective donors, while we’ve recently added GC Events as well that solved additional issues we faced (i.e. automatic attendance lists, custom event needs, etc). Add in the mobile wallet payment option (i.e. Venmo, PayPal) and a team of people truly invested in our success and it’s been a must-have for us. Among all the various vendors we have partnered with in my time as a fundraiser, the team at GiveCampus have always been the most ready to work beside us.

Joe K

Great platform for Crowdfunding / Giving Days!

I love that it’s fairly easy to use … I like that you can designate admins to particular projects so they can do self editing. I LOVE the digital wallet piece and that we now have accessibility to Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay within the platform. We utilize the platform yearlong, both for Crowdfunding and our big Giving Day, and it’s easy to manage and run all of the projects that come through throughout the year. Jed on the GiveCampus team is an excellent resource and extremely helpful!

Heidi H.

“GiveCampus feels like one of us”

GiveCampus feels like one of us. We work with other vendors and they are just that vendors. Jed, our rep, is a part of our team and feels ownership in the goals we all set together. They continue to add new elements and features. Platform is easy to use and is reliable. We would not be able to run our giving day without a platform like GiveCampus. It is helpful to have our giving day, social fundraising, and giving forms under one platform provider.

Anonymous G2-Verified User

“… a perfect partner for over 5 years”

The customer service is second to none. While building my giving day campaigns, I truly felt like my GiveCampus partner was working WITH me to make it a success, of which mine was theirs. GiveCampus has been a perfect partner for over 5 years now. GiveCampus allows me to coordinate online fundraising across an entire university’s worth of constituents and their fundraising needs.

Jake D

“… wonderful integration with our back end gift processing …”

The customer service is excellent. They are responsive and collaborative and really take time with us when we have questions or ideas to run by them. I also like how they continue to improve on their offerings each year. It feels like they listen to feedback and base changes and improvements on what they are hearing. A very thoughtful and highly valued vender relationship for us … I also value customer service, easy to use platform and wonderful integration with our back end gift processing over a couple of bells and whistles.

Sean M.

Explore our platform and technology

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Identify which alumni, parents, and other constituents to prioritize so you can raise the most dollars with every ask.

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Use GiveCampus to engage your constituents using the channels they value most—from email and texting to social media and events.

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Drive the most dollars from prospective donors by providing them with a truly personalized giving experience.

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Build and cultivate relationships with donors after they make a gift through engaging video content and impactful communications, including email and texting.

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Save time and streamline operations with a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and other tools in your tech stack.

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Reporting & Analytics

Measure the impact of your work—from donor conversion rates to volunteer engagement—with data-driven insights.

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Security & Reliability

Rest easy knowing your fundraising platform has 100% uptime and will be available to power your most critical fundraising days—and every day in between.

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Payment Processing

Enjoy unparalleled security and reliability, multiple payment options, better gift management, and seamless gift processing.

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