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Ali Punjani

Ali is a proud Atlanta native and Emory University alum! Since graduating, he’s worked with education nonprofits and EdTech companies to increase access to social & economic mobility.
Fun Fact: He landed his first job in EdTech through a dating app!
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Asher Burg

Asher is a commercial leader that has grown and scaled mission driven publicly-traded and venture-backed businesses for over 15 years. He is expert in using data, technology, and behavioral science to drive consumer and donor behavior and has spent the majority of his career disrupting established industries with SaaS

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Katy Gathright

Katy’s background in communications and marketing spans work for mission-driven businesses, nonprofits, and clients including Uber and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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Ryan Riddle

Ryan has been building support and operations teams for over 10 years, working with SAAS, consumer, retail, and ed tech startups.

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Julie O’Connor

Julie is an entrepreneur with deep experience in finance, venture capital, corporate/product strategy, accounting/organizational development.

Fun fact: My dream job (besides this one, of course!) is officiating for the NFL.

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Michael Seibel

Michael is the CEO of Y Combinator. He co-founded, which became and was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in 2014.

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Felicity Meu

Felicity was the Director of Next Generation Giving at Stanford University, where she led innovative digital fundraising initiatives.

Fun Fact: Before her start in fundraising, Felicity worked as a river raft guide.

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Karl Vela

A proud alum of two GiveCampus partner schools, Westtown School and Emerson College, Karl has 6 years experience working with digital communications in fundraising and alumni relations.

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Seth Newman

Seth is a fundraising lifer with annual giving experience at several partner institutions, including The New School, Columbia University, and Fordham University.

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Rosa Conrad

Rosa is a proud University of Southern California alumna with 5 years of experience in digital fundraising for education and nonprofits.

Fun fact: Rosa attended four different colleges while completing her undergraduate degree– an experience she credits with inspiring her passion for empowering students on campus.

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