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Four Ways Gift Officers Are Leveraging AI

Mar 2024 - READ IN 6 MINUTES

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Artificial intelligence (AI)—both generative AI and machine learning—are transforming how Gift Officers work. Here are four ways today’s frontline fundraisers can leverage advanced technology to save time on day-to-day tasks and spend that time in front of constituents.  

1. Synthesize lots of data

Pretend you’ve inherited a new portfolio of top major gift prospects. Or, imagine you find out at the last minute that three additional constituents are coming to your event with the President. In both cases, your institution has years, if not decades, of information about the constituents in your CRM. However, it would take hours to read through that history. What a catch-22! Your institution has the data, but you do not have the time to get up to speed. 

Today, donor bios are usually compiled by a central prospecting team or manually written by the Gift Officer. GC Gift Officer takes this tedious task off your plate by instantly compiling an AI-generated bio of your prospective donor based on data culled from previous contact reports and third-party data integrations—and it does it all in a matter of seconds.

You can then quickly edit your donor bio (like the one shown below), save it to your records, send it to the President, include it in a trip itinerary, and more. 

GC GO Donor Summary
Instantly generate executive-ready donor bios compiled using previous contact reports and data from your CRM.

2. Generate contact reports

It’s no secret that contact reports can be a thorn in the side of Gift Officers. But as tedious as writing up these reports can be, they are essential to maintaining your portfolio and providing visibility to your team. This sentiment shared by a Gift Officer we interviewed recently expresses a common refrain in the industry “I have total disdain for contact reports, and they are the most important thing I do every day.”

This is where generative AI can be a real  game-changer. Imagine you’re in an Uber to the airport on the heels of an amazing in-person prospect visit. You want to capture the details of your meeting while they’re still top of mind but don’t have time to put together a formal contact report. Simply leverage the voice-to-text feature on your phone to quickly capture some key bullets from your meeting and let GC Gift Officer do the rest. 

GC Gift Officer leverages generative AI to convert your jumbled notes from donor visits into a polished contact report, serve up recommended next steps, and produce a personalized follow-up email (more on that below). Not only will this free up time to prepare for your next prospect visit, but these timely updates will assure your manager that you’re staying on top of your portfolio.

3. Produce a personalized email at scale

Some days your mind feels as blank as the empty email draft on your screen. You want to send a follow-up email to a prospect quickly but don’t have time to labor over language. GC Gift Officer can serve as your assistant, helping you get more timely communications out to your constituents. 

In addition to a polished contact report mentioned above, GC Gift Officer uses AI to instantly generate a follow-up email for your prospect—intelligently drafted based on the summary you provided. Of course, you can then edit and add in that vital human touch. GC Gift Officer merely provides a great starting point, so you can get your emails out ASAP.

In addition to generating simple, post-visit follow-up emails, GC Gift Officer can help you create personalized outreach at scale—from visit requests to casual monthly check-ins. You no longer need to toggle between a contact report, your CRM, and your calendar to craft an email to a prospect. Simply use the built-in prospect outreach module to instantly generate email drafts.

GC Gift Officer outreach email
Create personalized emails for constituents en masse by customizing email templates for each recipient. Everything you need to add a personal touch is in the contact card above your email draft.

4. Take the guesswork out of what to do next

When you finally make it back to your office after what feels like a whirlwind tour of prospect visits, it can feel hard to get centered and figure out what needs your attention first. Getting stuck in the depths of your inbox can leave you feeling drained and with no clear to-do list. Luckily, there’s a way to get recommended next steps—personalized for you.

GC Gift Officer delivers personalized insights based on the way you work. It surfaces recommended next steps and suggests where you might focus your time for maximum impact based on your unique strengths—whether that be a stewardship message to a recent donor or a quick check-in call with a prospect. Plus, your task progress will all be tracked in real-time reports so your whole team can have easy visibility into what you’re focusing on. 

Dive Deeper into the Latest GiveCampus Solution for Gift Officers

It’s clear that AI can streamline workflows for Major Gift Officers and help free up your time for more important work. If you want to learn more about the ways GiveCampus is leveraging AI to help Major Gift Officers work smarter and save time, consider watching our on-demand demo of GC Gift Officer. You’ll hear what fellow frontline fundraisers from William & Mary and the College of Charleston have to say about GC Gift Officer and how it’s transforming the way they work.

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Want your own custom demo? Schedule a call with us to see how GC Gift Officer can help you and other frontline fundraisers at your school. 

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