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Identify your next major donor.

GiveCampus’s partnership with leading wealth analytics provider Windfall means that our partner schools can access the most advanced wealth screening services in the industry.

With a subscription to GC Wealth, you can identify your next major donors, streamline prospect research, and equip your team with accurate, actionable insights about your constituents year-round at one inclusive price.

The GC Wealth advantage


Data is refreshed on a weekly basis so it's always up-to-date


You can upload your data directly from the GiveCampus platform for analysis


All data is modeled on deterministic inputs, with a focus on net worth for affluent households at $1M+


You get precise net worth estimates that do not cap out at an upper limit or have broad ranges

We know that our digital campaigns bring in new and returning donors who might be strong gift prospects. The more accurate our constituent data, the more targeted and strategic we can be about next steps for our team and our volunteers.
Sean Meehan
AVP for Development at University of Hartford

Find those hidden gems.

We did a one-time screen of 1,287 online donors for one of our partner schools and found 78 donors with a net worth greater than $1M. 

30 of those 78 donors had never been flagged by other wealth screening/analytics tools or by prospect research.

Only 2 of those with a net worth greater than $5M were assigned to a gift officer.

6 of those donors had a net worth greater than $10M and had made an average gift of $178.

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