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Technical college student working on a circuit board

Fundraising solutions for community and technical colleges.

With the help of GiveCampus, fundraisers can expand their donor networks and shine additional light on the impact of donations. With leaderboards, Matches and Challenges, and live progress updates, GC Social Fundraising gamifies the giving experience and helps foster a culture of giving among technical and community college donor segments.

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Cover of Community College Fundraising Best Practices guide. GUIDES

10 Community College Fundraising Best Practices

Think you don’t have the staff time, or resources to achieve the same fundraising success as the four-year school down the road? Think again. Small shops with big goals are crushing it. You can too.


Holyoke Community College uses GiveCampus to find and engage new donors

The advancement team from Holyoke Community College ( HCC) is breaking all kinds of Giving Day records—and they’ve been doing so with a small but resourceful annual giving staff of one.

Woman outdoors directing community volunteers. BLOG

Building a Culture of Philanthropy

What is a “culture of philanthropy” and how do you actually achieve it? In this post we lay the groundwork and support beams for rallying your community around a shared mission.