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5 Easy Ways to Use Spotlight in June

Jun 2020 - READ IN 2 MINUTES

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In 2020, we launched our fifth product—Spotlight—at GiveCampus to offer educational fundraisers an easy way to tell stories and communicate through video.

We’ve long been believers in using video to connect with donors, increase engagement, and make giving feel personal, impactful, and joyful. Spotlight makes it easy to embed livestream feeds or upload pre-recorded video content to simple, branded landing pages. With Call to Action buttons that link directly to Social Fundraising Campaigns, Giving Forms, and the Volunteer Management System, schools can make sure they’re pairing a powerful video message with an easy, clear action.

We know schools will find ways to be creative with Spotlight year-round. But in honor of fiscal year end, here are 5 use cases for schools right away.

1. Livestream a graduation message or commencement speaker. 

Spotlight makes it incredibly simple (a.k.a., copy and paste simple!) to embed a livestream feed  into a branded page. Send a Spotlight page featuring a commencement speaker to your seniors and community this month (you can also upload a video of the speech after the fact) so that everyone can participate in graduation, despite social distancing constraints. You can include a link to your giving form or social fundraising campaign on the page, or just include social sharing links with no specific ask. We know some schools like having the option to host a live stream video on a page that doesn’t get cluttered with comments the same way YouTube and Facebook pages can get.

2. Send a personal thank you to volunteers. 

Many schools have leaned on volunteers even more than usual this spring—why not thank this group with a special video recorded just for them? Show your volunteers how much you care and how much of an impact they’ve made with a video message on a page that’s branded just for volunteers. You can link to the Volunteer Management System, or just make it a standalone page without an ask.

3. Share an update about your community and current events. 

Fundraisers and donors alike are aware of how uncertain this spring has been. COVID-19 related setbacks, heartbreak over racist systems, and so many associated challenges have hit educational communities of all shapes and sizes hard. Spotlight makes it easy to share a personal message from a student, faculty, or institutional leader that speaks to these challenges, with or without a call to action.

4. Prep advocates ahead of your Giving Day. 

For schools that are running Giving Days or longer campaigns this month, make a Spotlight page to encourage peer-to-peer advocacy. Explain how and why creating a personal plea, sharing a link, or participating in a match or challenge makes such a big difference to a campaign—and then use our built-in buttons to link directly to those functions in the Social Fundraising Platform.

5. Announce a matching gift. 

Have an exciting new match that you’d like to announce to donors? If there’s a new match from your community that you’d like to highlight in a special way, use Spotlight to either feature a video from the donor or another representative of your school explaining why they’re offering this match and the impact they’re excited to make. Then, link directly to a special Giving Form made specifically for the match or to your Social Fundraising Campaign, where donors and fundraisers can track how many people are responding to the match.

Senior Gift campaign landing page featuring video with Give Now, Learn More, and social share buttons.
Senior Gift campaign landing page featuring video with Give Now, Learn More, and social share buttons.

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