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Automate and Elevate: Streamline Gift Processing and Data Integration

Aug 2023 - READ MORE

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Streamline gift processing and data integration webinar

A highly successful appeal is great news, right? It is—but if your role oversees any part of gift processing, there’s a good chance that more gifts mean a lot more work for you.

There are many challenges that come with managing a multitude of gifts and donors, especially during high-volume campaigns. Manual gift data entry can quickly become overwhelming, tying up valuable time and resources that could be invested in more strategic work.

Are you looking to optimize your gift-processing workflow? 

Watch our joint on-demand webinar with Omatic to learn how the right data integration strategy can fuel fundraising for nonprofits.

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In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at why gift entry can be such a hassle and get a sneak peek of a solution to simplify your workflow.

The Headache of Manual Gift Entry

Managing numerous gifts from a variety of donors is undoubtedly a positive sign of donor engagement and support. However, the excitement of receiving these contributions can quickly be dampened by the daunting task of manual data entry. Each donor’s information must be meticulously entered for gifts to be recorded. The result? 

A potential bottleneck in your workflow, misallocated resources, and a slower response time to engage and steward donors. This is not to mention that manually entering data creates a risk that your data will be out-of-date or filled with human errors. Dirty data decreases trust with your constituents and can hinder segmentation efforts. 

A CRM Integration for Seamless Gift Processing

An obvious solution to the headache of manual gift entry is tighter integration between your CRM and your online giving platform. File-based and web-based CRM integration solutions can help you combine data from various sources, formats, and systems into a unified format that maps cleanly to the fields in your CRM.   

Unfortunately, not all integrations are created equal. Fundraisers’ existing integrations may be incomplete or lack the ability to capture data in the required format Some applications may not be designed with fundraisers in mind and lack the nuance and expertise needed to successfully serve them. 

Omatic’s GiveCampus Connector is a data integration solution created specifically for educational institutions doing online fundraising through GiveCampus. With over 20 years of expertise serving nonprofits, Omatic understands the unique data integration challenges fundraisers face. Streamline and automates processes for sending donation data between GiveCampus and your CRM with the help of Omatic.

Less Time on Gift Processing = More Time for Relationship Building

Beyond minimizing the headache and stress associated with gift entry, there are other significant benefits that come from streamlining your gift processing. The adage “time is money” couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the world of educational fundraising. 

Less time and resources spent on data verification and clean-up means gifts are processed faster, and donors can be stewarded sooner. Stewardship is key to donor retention, which will play a key role in the future of your fundraising efforts

Additionally, clean, integrated data sets your segmentation strategies up for success. Crafting personalized messaging and tailored outreach is dependent on your ability to accurately organize your audience. With a well-integrated data system, you can easily categorize donors based on their giving history, interests, engagement level, and more. 

The benefits of efficient gift processing extend beyond the immediate relief from administrative burdens. By automating data entry, you free up time to focus on strategic work and develop more effective fundraising strategies.

Learn More 

Efficiently managing your gift data is critical to the success of educational fundraising. Watch the on-demand webinar below learn the tools and strategies needed to optimize your gift-processing workflow. 

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