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Hathaway Brown leverages GiveCampus to personalize their annual Giving Day with a tiered campaign

With the help of GiveCampus, Hathaway Brown created campaign pages for six distinct areas of support hoping to engage unique donor segments. The new personalized Giving Day approach has generated record YoY growth.

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Hathaway Brown partnered with GiveCampus in 2018

Though they’d used GiveCampus for years, in 2022 the advancement team decided to try out some of the platform’s extended functionalities for a new personalized approached to their annual Giving Day.

Solutions provided:

Hathaway Brown 2022 Share the Love Campaign

Hathaway Brown used GiveCampus to

Laptop with a heart on the screen

Personalize donor experiences with tiered campaigns

Creating tiered campaigns allowed the school to tell discrete stories for each unique giving area in their Giving Day.

Illustration of Smart Phone.

Offer convenient online payment options

The advancement team appealed to younger donors with digital wallet options like Venmo and Apple Pay.

Icon showing connection or segmentation

Segment donors with matches and challenges

They used matches and challenges to provide additional opportunities to connect donors to a specific affiliation.

Hathaway Brown sees consistent YoY revenue growth

Since launching a tiered campaign strategy for their annual Giving Day, Hathaway Brown has seen impressive growth in the dollars raised.

up 47%

YoY growth

The 2023 Share the Love campaign saw outstanding YoY growth in revenue.

500 +


The personalized campaign strategy helped Hathaway Brown crush their donor goal.


Gifts made via digital wallets

More than half of donors used a digital wallet to make their gift.

GiveCampus is always working on the next best thing in online giving and user experience.

Clarke Leslie

Director of Advancement at Hathaway Brown

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Discover how Hathaway Brown used GiveCampus to add a new segmentation strategy to their annual Giving Day appeal.

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