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15 Top Non-Profit Fundraising Blogs

Feb 2023 - READ IN 3 MINUTES

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Bookmark These Top Non-Profit Fundraising Blogs


The bookmarks tab at the top of your toolbar was made for moments like this. Spoiler alert: What follows is by no means an exhaustive list of the best non-profit fundraising blogs because, frankly, that would be exhausting. You’d never click through to most of them and that would be a shame. 

Instead, we curated a modest and far more manageable list of 15 that we visit regularly for inspiration and thought you might find helpful too. They’re presented in alphabetical order below (because who’s to say what’s “best”).

Some are focused on very niche topics while others put their unique spin on the fundraising basics we all wrestle with every day. Scroll through, find a few that speak to you, and bookmark them for a rainy day. Enjoy. 

The Agitator

The self-described audience for the award-winning Agitator blog is direct marketing fundraisers and non-profit execs and boards. You’ll find the latest data on donor trends delivered with a distinctive voice. The Agitator’s stated mission is to “help us all think more clearly, innovatively, and productively about emerging trends.” Mission accomplished.

Ahern Blog

Read excerpts from Tom Ahern’s how-to fundraising newsletter on the Ahern Donor Communications blog (and then subscribe to it—you won’t be disappointed). Tom’s one of the best copywriters in the business (any business) and his insights on how to boost revenue and retention are the icing on the cake.

Annual Giving Network

The Annual Giving Network (AGN) helps educational institutions develop sustainable sources of philanthropic support. Their fundraising blog features advice, case studies, and articles from some of the industry’s leading experts and practitioners. 

Big Fundraising Ideas

Discover the latest fundraising trends for elementary, middle, and high-school fundraisers. You’ll find helpful tips and practical solutions for your next school fundraising event.

Burk’s Blog

Donor relations researcher and expert Penelope Burk may have retired recently but her fundraising blog is still required reading for all nonprofits. Here you’ll find timeless insights from her evidence-based research into what donors want.


In 2019, Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces to become Candid. “Candid connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it.” Their blog for nonprofits and funders is a veritable treasure trove of the industry’s latest tips, trends, and research.

Center for Effective Philanthropy

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) provides data, feedback, programs, and insights to help individual and institutional donors be more effective. Check their blog for incisive commentary on what’s trending in the world of philanthropy.


Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog has been named a top fundraising blog by just about everyone—and rightly so. You’ll find insightful articles on annual giving strategies, donor retention, major gifts, online fundraising, and more.

Gail Perry Group

Gail Perry‘s blog offers cutting-edge fundraising strategies with a special focus on major donors and capital campaigns. Check it out.

Ignited Fundraising

The Founder of Ignited Fundraising, Lori Jacobwith is a nationally recognized fundraising culture change expert and master storyteller who has been named one of America’s top fundraising experts. You’ll find donor engagement strategies and storytelling tips galore.

Philanthropy Women

Philanthropy Women is a fundraising blog for news and conversation about women donors. Check the sidebar on the right to filter articles by feminist funding topics.


The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) is just what the name implies. It’s a free archive of creative fundraising content from around the globe. See how your colleagues in other countries are keeping their fundraising fresh.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) features a section on Philanthropy & Funding solutions that explores new and innovative ways to help nonprofit leaders raise money, and to help funders and donors give more effectively.

TechSoup Blog

TechSoup is a resource for the nonprofit professional (and unsung hero) who’s focused on the technology side of fundraising. The blog features articles and how-tos on business and technology planning, fundraising, website management, and more.

The Story-Telling Nonprofit 

Vanessa Chase Lockshin shows fundraisers how to tell compelling stories that engage and inspire donors to give. Vanessa’s blog features writing tips and seasonal fundraising advice for nonprofits.

Speaking of blogs to bookmark …

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